Emotion Location

Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more.  Half term is over, the 5 glorious days spent gallivanting with our brood has finished and I’m thrust once more into the various guises of mental health disorders.

Just before having the week off I was eerily getting the blasé feeling that only those fully immersed in tales of para-suicide on a daily basis must get.  The feeling that this was in some way mundane chat now, the norm.  But removing myself for a short period reset my limbic system, this emotion location is back receiving the distress signal loud and clear.  It was like seeing the in-patients for the first time again and pretty darned sad let me tell you.

Another funny thing is happening, psychiatry is becoming less scary and I’m started to find it, dare I say, interesting.  I seem to recall my eldest cousin saying this would be the case after my first blog entry, and yes you were right…….  This is a specialty for the curious, those who always saw their alter ego as a hot-shot detective figure, who see this specialty as a legitimate reason to fuel their natural intrigue and so assess patients with more fertile imaginations than themselves.  Well, this is why I think I’m beginning to enjoy it; my Achilles heel however is my cowardness.  Any hint of danger and I crumble.  Having just seen Homeland for the first time I quite fancy myself in the Carrie Mathison role, minus the clozapine of course, but at least I know what that is now.

On one of my on-calls I received multiple calls within an hour of starting work.  The purpose of this – to determine if we had admitted the person on the news making terror threats?  Excuse me, what’s that now, how could this in any way be linked to my day at work.  Apparently most stories you hear about on the news come through psychiatry.  Whether terror attacks, RTAs requiring post traumatic stress counselling, break-ins, murder, drug crimes……. psychiatrists have these on their case-load and expect all new news stories to come their way within 24 hours.   Now my being a bit of a scaredy-cat couldn’t do this.   But imagine seeing such people and getting to ask them about their thought processes, childhood experiences, relationships with parents, peers, authority figures throughout their lives.  Six weeks ago the very thought would’ve struck fear into my very core, well it still does to be honest, but I’d like to hear the answers in my Mathison mask.

I guess it really begs the question are such patient’s a product of society or their upbringing, has this fundamentally come full circle back to the nature vs. nurture debate?


Let me know what you think......

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