Beautiful Bloggers

It was on day 12 of my brutal 15 consecutive day stretch that a tweet came, “look out – another tag coming tomorrow”.  I love a bit of intrigue and mystique, so imagine my delight when I found out it was for this:

A nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Polly over at Caught Writing. Thankyou for thinking of me, I really am touched. And surprised given my lack of activity or input into anything blog related since starting this A+E stint.  I promise come August I will be like a phoenix rising from the ashes.  Thankyou for your unerring support and now this…..

The rules of the award are if you accept it you post it on your site, choose (about) six people to pass it on to, and then tell ten facts about yourself that others may not know.

I will start with the list of hopefully ten things which people may not know.  As I talk so much this may be tricky, most people know a lot of things about me!! Here goes:

  • I believe in ghosts – crazy I know, especially given the fact I am supposed to have my views balanced by some kind of scientific perspective. I am absolutely terrified I may see one. I was nearly tipped over the edge in 2008 when we went to a lovely memorial service of a good friend’s mum. We were staying in her house afterwards and I was woken by a tapping noise. I turned the lights on to find the hands on the battery wall clock spinning backwards – fast. I called everyone through to see and was assured this was normal.  To this day I cannot see how this was normal. This is not normal!
  • I love flying – I used to be in the RAF cadets and spent a fair few hours learning how to fly a Chipmunk and Viking glider.  I love going in aeroplanes, looking at vapour trails of other planes. Flying is pretty amazing if you stop and think about it.
  • Surgical Dad is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in band Coba Fynn, with the release of their first studio album Calling It A Day last year.
  • I represented my University in the Ju Jitsu National Championships – I didn’t win anything and was lucky to leave with my life in all honesty, but I was there, once. I left the club not long after when my consultant at the time suggested my turning up with black eyes and split lips was far from ideal.
  • I get total road rage – I think I’m a pretty good driver but realise I have bad habits. However I can’t abide people who go too slow, hog the fast last, don’t indicate before they manouvre, try to cut me up at traffic lights, push into queues, tail-gate…..ooooh the list is endless, don’t get me started!
  • I am currently working in my 18th hospital.  Some people think doctors don’t move around enough, diversify, have enough experience to be a good all-rounder and think on their feet.  I would beg to differ.
  • I have rheumatoid arthritis – my immune system did not turn itself back on properly after Bella was born and chose to attack my joints as it did not recognise them as my own. I waited the mandatory 6 weeks before paging the rheumatologist at the hospital I was in and explaining what I thought I had. And I haven’t looked back. Infact it has been suggested having Big Son turned it off again.
  • I can’t think unless I have a pen in my hand.  I like to think it’s a bit like Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, there was a scene where he was searching for his baseball bat as he couldn’t think without it.
  • I hate hair-dressers – this stems from some very bad decisions made in the hair-dressers chair. I’ll never forget ringing my sister from a phone box after a particularly bad perm aged 19. I was likened to a poodle for months!
  • Three people, dead or alive, I’d like to have dinner with: Elvis, Freud, and Eric Cantona.

And there we have it, my list of ten things.  Random, I know, but it’s trickier than you think to list ten!

My nominees are: One of the bloggers who inspired me to start this ZDoggMD and who was kind enough to point me in the right direction, Medical Mummy who has started a blog in a similar ilk to my own and is recently back at work after her second little one, Ladycurd whose posts and letters are truly genius.  I hope you enjoy doing this, however please do not feel in anyway obliged.  Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Bloggers

  1. I love your list. Random it truly is. Your ghost story is very intriguing. I agree with you that the clock running backward was not normal. At all.

    And I know what you mean about not being able to think clearly without a pen in hand. Seems odd, but some of us need our security pens, I guess. Linus had his blanket, I have my pen!

  2. Great post – so many interesting things here. I like flying too and find it very profound, but I couldn’t do it in a glider or open plan for fear of wanting to jump out. I agree with what you said about doctors’ training, in fact I think they are dumped in at the deep end, straight out of medical school, sink or swim. I like the image of you turning up on the wards black and blue but I can see your consultant’s point. That was funny. Thanks for taking part in this, I’ve learned loads and as you know I am always very curious about other people.

  3. I love your randomness! Random is a lot harder to do than most people think. I, too, believe in ghosts. I think that science just hasn’t explained it yet. Someday it will and we can laugh at all the people who thought we were crazy.

    I can’t think with pens anymore. I block up with a pen in my hand. My brain requires a keyboard.

  4. Found your blog via the Tots 100 widget today, and just wanted to say I loved reading some of your posts. I know where you’re coming from with the hairdresser thing – I finally found someone who “gets” me, and I’ve been going to her for nigh-on 12 years now. I did have a minor meltdown each time she went on maternity leave! 😉

    • Thankyou for taking the time to read some posts and comment! I am still looking for that hairdresser, I still don’t think I’ve ever been to the same one twice…may be time to kick that habit and get over the fear!! X

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