The Intoxication Of Youth

It feels like a different life-time when I wrote this, the reality is that is was only 3 months ago.  I was being plied with red wine by my mother-in-law, it was that first glorious week of sunshine and I was trying to hide away to meet my deadline.  Inevitably I had left it till the last minute otherwise her advances with a fish-bowl of Shiraz Grenache would not have made me retreat to her sun-room with a computer….

A couple of months later and the article is published, my first column in a series called The Mummy Diaries – The Intoxication of Youth.

This is the link to the PDF file; Mummy’s Diary

It is in a magazine which is published quarterly so hopefully there will be more where this came from, and possibly a chance I won’t leave it till the week before!

1 thought on “The Intoxication Of Youth

  1. Great article! Strikes me as almost funny that the young man was insisting he wasn’t suffering dive related sickness, even when he quite clearly was! Similar to someone insisting they aren’t drunk by walking down the white line in the middle of the road. Polly

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