In The Press

When I started this blog I was working full-time, training to be a GP with a 1 year old and 3 year old. Times were tough, sleep was at a premium and the catharsis of my musings coupled with my love of writing was my saviour.

How times have changed…

Bella is now 6 and Big Son 4 years old. I am a fully fledged GP now working on the South Coast of England. I love my job and I still love to write.

I have been lucky enough to have many features published now in the press; tabloids, magazines, other blogs and websites. I never thought this could be achieved. To have a voice and to represent you. I am also now the doctor for an amazing charity, Coppafeel! Run by the inspirational Kristen Hallenga, who has also used her voice to help others. She is a house-hold name and her message echoed nationwide.

Thankyou all for your support over the years. Big Son has now started school and I will be less of a stranger and lift up the pen once more.


Dr Penny Ward

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