A Ray Of Sunshine

Thank you so much to Polly of Caught Writing for tagging me in this meme and passing it on for me to do.  I’m thrilled in more ways than one, not only is this my first one, but also a chance to remember all those things that quicken your heartbeat, give you goose bumps, brighten your day…..  Anyway, the rules are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who gave me this award;

2.  Answer the questions below – its all about favourite things;

3.  Pass on the award to other sunshiny bloggers and tell them about it.

Favourite colour

Blue. The colour of a summer sky.  The sea on holiday luring your toes for a dip. The colour of sapphires. The colour of my eyes and now of our children’s eyes.

Favourite animal

Monkeys are by far my favorite. I love their mischeivous nature, their swinging through the air performing acrobatics and then acting all coy. I love thinking how we are supposed to have evolved more than them and then watching how their movements are in many ways superior.  They remind me of children, full of fun and carefree, chattering away regardless of who’s listening.

Favourite number

Thirteen. I was born on the 13th December, as was Taylor Swift coincidentally. There are 13 cards in each suit, there are 13 notes in a full musical octave, there are 13 players in rugby league. In several North American sports teams the jersey number 13 is worn in honour of past playing greats.

Favourite drink

Red wine, currently Pinot Noir – it tastes of Melbourne. Our sunday trips on the Mornington Penninsula to the Red Hill area. The velvety taste accompanying good food, sat outside watching Bella run down the field to the vines, Big Son kicking on a rug beside us. Bliss!

Facebook or Twitter?

I’m a relative new comer to Twitter but it has won me over.  It’s amazing how far-reaching it is. 

Your passion…

This, writing is my passion.  I have long talked about trying my hand at medical journalism but it wasn’t until December I put my money where my mouth is.  I enjoy writing and I enjoy the catharsis it provides in my medical mum persona.  I want to write a magazine column, a newspaper column, I want the moon on a stick but more than that I just want to write.

Giving or receiving presents?

Giving. I enjoy seeing someone open a present you feel sure they will love, open a present they weren’t expecting or open a present just because….  The delight on Bella’s face last week on her 4th birthday should be bottled and sold! It was priceless.

Favourite day

Saturday, a day of family fun invariably followed by another.  A day for sleeping in and staying up late.  A day where you are not dictated to by time.

Favourite flower

Roses, I remember as a child there always being roses in the garden. I remember picking the petals and squashing them with water, thinking I was making perfume.  I love the tradition that different colours have different meanings, red is for love, yellow for friendship, pink for happiness.

Essentially if one saturday I could be whisked to the beach, and sit by the blue sea under a blue sky drinking pinot noir whilst surrounded by roses I would be in heaven….I would like to nominate Pippa Story Of Mum, Ms Goriami of Goriami Family and Lady Curd of Letters From Lady Curd to share their rays of sunshine.

Let me know what you think......

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